FAIR traumatic stress data sets

"Imagine how we could speed up research if everyone shared what data they ethically could, both that which was recently collected and previously collected data sets that currently sit in a file cabinet. We could be much more efficient in collaborating on building and leveraging data sets." (Olff, 2020).


Please find information on available FAIR data sets in the table below.

Data sharing benefits not only others around the world but also the original researchers by providing more visibility of their research.

Sharing does not mean "Open" per se, data can also be available upon reasonable request, see also FAIR pages (Kassam-Adams & Olff, 2020). 

Here is the opportunity to contribute by sharing your data sets!

How to add your data

To suggest a dataset to be added to this list, pleas:


  • Send us an email (gc.traumaticstress@gmail.com) providing:  Project acronym & title; Link to data (eg registry URL or email contact); WhetherSingle/Multiple data resource; Population/sample N and type; Keywords / highlights; Brief description of dataset or data resource; Link to the key publication preferably with doi; Any additional pubs (including those in prep)

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